Crossroads Foundation - Grassroots Fundraising Campaign

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We’d love your help for Crossroads’ annual fundraising campaign, this year. We’re focusing it on planting hope for grassroots families. Ultimately, every item we give away through Crossroads reaches people at grassroots level, one way or another.



Here in Hong Kong, every day sees people in need come through our gates. Single mums, elderly folk with little support, people battling chronic or terminal illness, people struggling with unemployment or just raw economic need. All are referred by the HK’s Social Welfare Department or NGOs in the community.


At the same time, we see goods reach people across the world in far flung, often neglected, parts of our planet. This often means transporting goods to remote areas, where need is dire, and access not always easy. Those at grassroots level may lack educational provision, medical care, domestic and personal provision. No life is too young or too old to help in any way we can.


Given that all full time staff are volunteers at Crossroads, and our work (not residential) premises are provided free of charge, we can do a lot with a surprisingly little budget. For every $100 given, we can release aid worth at least $900, often more. We do, however, need those basic dollars before we can start multiplying them in the lives of others, planting hope that raises a multifold harvest!

This moment sees us in need of HK$4 million to meet our current budget need in serving those at grassroots. We have therefore launched our annual fundraiser for this financial year. We already have HK$ 1 million of the 4 needed. Just 3 to go!


Any gift would be a delight to receive. A hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand or even a million! Each will help us help others, sowing into each life the hope for a better future. Tax deductibility is available in Hong Kong, the US, Australia and the UK.


There are three ways:

Follow this link to donate HKD online and, in the text box, write ‘Grassroots Campaign’.

Donations can also be made online in USD and AUD.

For other giving options, click here.



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